Concrete Paver/Brick/Clay Block Making Machine

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Concrete Paving Machine :

Salient Features

    • User-friendly, fast & accurate controls
    • Remote operator controls for better monitoring while paving
    • Very low power consumption with higher output, hence faster payback
    • Advanced energy efficient electric Drive System with step less speed control
No. Details
1 Prime Mover
a Driver End Panel 5 HP Geared Motor
b Vibratory Cylinder 5 HP Geared Motor
c Bogie RH & LH 1 HP + 1 HP Geared Motor
d Vibratory Cylinder 1 HP Electric Motor
2 Traction System
a Traction Drive Two Electrically Driven Double Flanged Bogie Wheels
b Traction Speed 0 – 22 mpm
3 Vibratory Cylinder Under Carriage
a Finished Cylinder 270 mm dia., 1.2 mtr. long precisely balanced
b Extra long Screw Auguer (RH & LH) with hardened flights
c Finishing Tolerance: +- 3 mm in 12 ft.
4 Machine Controls
a Adjustable Carriage Movement with Variable Speed Drive
b Shock Protection
c Overload Protection
5 Construction
a Frame: All welded, pin connected main frame. Available in length of 2.40 mtr., 1.2 mtr., 0.6 mtr., which are infinitely adjustable up to 62 ft. (CE 200) and 110 ft. (CE 400)
b Finishing Width: Finishing width normally 3ft. (0.9 mtr.) less than frame width and adjustable from 1 mtr. to 32 mtr.
6 Optional
a Transport Assembly

FIX FORM concrete paver fitted with Gang Vibrators, is an economical alternative to slip form paver for city and road projects

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