The specialty of EQUIPTRADES concrete batch plant is that they are truly mobile and are supplied with twin shaft mixer. Pneumatic braking or towing attachment by a tractor is available for ease of transportation. This machine is ideal for customers who want to work with places where space is a restrain. This machine helps you work with lesser area compared to a stationary batching plant while also maintaining quality and performance.

EQUIPTRADES is concrete mixing plant manufacturer engaged in the manufacture of ready mix plant in the capacities: 20 m3/hr.; 30 m3/hr.; 45 m3/hr. and 60 cum per hour. The heart of this equipment is the mixing unit.

Less foundation is required and this design makes it easy to set up and run in quick time. Single chassis design which is pre-wired from the factory makes sure that the plant can be shifted without much trouble. Savings in foundation cost is possible with this design. Assembling, disassembling and shifting sites will not be headache. Our portable batch plant come with king pin attachment for easy transportation of the RMC equipment. The machine is constructed with care to ensure that it last’s long. Ample of space around the mixing unit ensures that the maintenance part is easy. We lay the more emphasis on the quality of each mobile mixer that leaves its factory. The control cabin is housed in a foldable cabin. Control panel is easy to use with touch screen control and colour display. Our batching mixing plants are built on a single sturdy chassis. It comes with optional 18 T inbuilt SILO. Cement / Fly ash storage silos of capacity 50 T, 100 T and 150 T can also be supplied.


Model ET 20 ET 30 ET 45 ET 60
Capacity 24 m3/hr. 30 m3/hr.. 45 m3/hr. 60 m3/hr.

Capacities above 60 m3/hr. are tailor made.


2 x 2 bin type aggregate feeder of portable batching plant comes with suitable aggregate storage capacity as per the capacity of the machine. The aggregate feeder comes with pneumatic operated gates and vibratory motor on the sand bin for allowing free flow of aggregates. Aggregate weigh conveyor does the aggregate weighing and is suspended on load cells. Aggregate weigh conveyor does the task of weighing and transferring of aggregates to the mixing unit


An air compressor of suitable capacity comes as a standard package. Air compressor controls feeder gates, mixer gates, and butterfly valve opening and closing mechanism. Air compressor is already connected from the factory so that no time is wasted and the plant can be made to run in quick time. The placement of the air compressor is very neat and on the chassis near the feeder making the series of Mobile ready mix concrete batch mix plant extremely easy to maintain and transport.


Weighing cum discharge conveyor supplied with our mobile concrete plant is suspended on four load cells. It is equipped with a Chevron type belt to enable the free flow of aggregates to the twin shaft mixer. The conveyor comes with a bottom cover for the safety of personnel working near the plant.


Once the aggregates are weighed, they get transferred to the mixing unit. These twin shaft mixers are equipped with wear resistant pedal arms and shell is reinforced with replaceable high wear resistance Ni hard liners for long life of the equipment. The liner plates, arms and tips are designed to work for long life. Easy replaceable liner plates, arms and tips makes maintenance easy. Aggregates, water, cement and additives are discharged after the weighing into the twin shaft mixer for homogeneous mixing. The pneumatic system discharges the batch only after proper and homogeneous mixing of all the materials in the mixing unit.


Weighing system consists of separate weighing arrangement for cement, water and additive. Cement weighing hopper is mounted on three load cells. Whereas, water weighing hopper is mounted on two load cells. The weighing hopper for additive is mounted on one load cell. The gates are provided with pneumatic actuators to enable gate opening-closing, to add the exact quantity of cement / water / additive after measurement.


Control cabin houses the control panel. This control cabin is designed so that the plant is mobile in maximum way. Control cabin is attached to the main chassis and is fold able during transportation.


PLC based touch screen type (SCADA Optional) panel board is a standard supply. Colour display ensures that operating the plant is fun. The control panel comes with provision to store, edit production details and mix proportions up to 99 recipes. The control panel supplied comes with printing facility (Printer optional) and USB back up facility. Touch screen is easy to use with user friendly software. The panel can be run on both auto and manual modes.


The standard equipment is offered with a 1500 kgs (30 bags) cement hopper with vibrating motor and a screw conveyor. Vibrating motor will ensure that cement does not get stuck and flows freely. Screw conveyor takes the cement from the hopper into the cement weigh hoppers situated on top of the mixing unit.

Separate silo for adding cement or for fly ash is also available.

The weigh hopper for cement has two inlets meaning it can take two screw conveyors. Cement / fly ash can be transferred from hopper or silo into the weigh hoppers.


Horizontal cement silo is advantageous if height is a constrain our you want the plant to operate inside a shade. A horizontal cement silo comes in capacities 20 tons / 30 tons / 40 tons. All safety accessories are supplied with the same. Though our standard configuration plant comes with a cement hopper, addition of a horizontal silo can ease up tension and allow tension free adding of cement.


Our series of Mobile concrete batch mix plants is very easy and convenient to transport all thanks to king pin attachment and pneumatic braking system available. An option of towing attachment by tractor is also available. During transportation, the cabin fully collapses as seen in the picture.


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