Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

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In stationary batching plant , the aggregates gets stored in horizontal type storage bins and weighing of aggregates take place in conveyor provided at below the aggregates bins. After the weighing aggregates is taken upto twin shaft mixer through slinger conveyor.

Equiptrades is committed to supply quality / premium products to our clients based in overseas locations mainly into Africa, Middle East and South East Asian countries.

The products are designed for all weather condition & bound to perform longest hours of operations to garner maximum productivity for customers for their project requirement.

Stationary plants offered starting from 25 m3/hr to 200 m3/hr.


Model ET 25 ET 30 ET 45 ET 60 ET 75 ET 90
Capacity 25 m3/hr. 30 m3/hr. 45 m3/hr. 60 m3/hr. 75 m3/hr. 90 m3/hr.

Plants above 90 m3/hr to 200 m3/ hr are made based on customer request.


Batching plants equipped with major components like storage bins, conveyor belts, weighing systems & conveyors, weighing hoppers, screw conveyors, cement silos, Ad mixer units & Control panel.

Control panel fitted & programmed to run on Auto/ Manual mode as per product output requirements.

As per standard process, Aggregates gets stored in different bins based on size and gets weighted through weighing hopper provided below every bins & collected & transferred through conveyor to twin shaft mixer.. Water & ad mixer also gets weighted through weighing system to get ready to mix with aggregates in twin shaft mixer.

Cement gets added to cement weigh hopper through screw conveyor, Cement can be added in loose through cement hopper or through attached Cement silo. Additives are stored & weighed in separate flask & then added to mixer. All above process can be automated through software provided in control panel.


Aggregate bins provided with pneumatic operated gates. Aggregate bins are made of strong and rugged structure. We provide bin gates of radial type for coarse/ fine discharge. Sand bin also supplied with discharge.


Aggregates from weighing conveyor to the twin shaft mixer transferred through covered ( to restrict dust ) charging conveyor.


Gathering conveyor suspended on 4 load cells. Aggregates get discharged to gathering conveyor then it discharges the mix to the slinger conveyor. A vibratory motor ensures smooth flow of aggregates. Gathering conveyor and slinger conveyor are equipped with idler and return rollers.


Twin shaft type concrete mixers are a standard. Optional Pan /Planetary mixer also available as per customer demand. Twin shaft is for best blending with shortest time.

Capacities are from 0.5 m3 to 5 m3 which is fixed on basic structure of plant. Mixer arms & sells are reinforced with higher wear resistant NI hard liners. The liners are also replaceable once worn-out after long serving performance life.

The gate of the mixing unit is provided with mix equipment opens to its entire length thereby discharging the entire contents quickly. Only after proper and homogeneous mixing the batch is ready to be discharged by pneumatic system.


Cement weighing hopper supplied with concrete batching plants is mounted on 3 load cells and is equipped with butterfly valve for efficient discharge. Cement weighing hopper is of suitable capacity and is provided with pneumatic vibrator and two inlets for two screw conveyors.

Water tank provided is supported on load cells and it is provided with a gate with rubber gasket at the bottom. Additives inlet comprises of an admixture flask of suitable capacity provided with a feeding pump.

Cement is fed from hopper or SILO to the cement weighing hopper.


M.S. structured Frame with wood insulation. Control panel located in control cabin. Client can also decide the location as per their site requirement.


Computerized cabin with PLC controller (OPTIONAL: SCADA controller) provided with concrete plant. Its User friendly, excellent performance also provided proxy switch for each control panel.

Display of the entire process is possible.

Can Generate & print data i.e. mix proportion, batch weigh, total number of batches, subtotal, gross total, etc as per the requirement is possible. Transit mixer batches also controlled by the preset batch controller.

It is possible to store, edit production details, mix proportions up to 99 recipes in our stationary concrete batching plant. The equipment works in auto and manual mode.


With Standard scope of supply 1500 kgs cement hopper supplied.

Customer can order for various capacity cement storage silo with additional screw conveyor at the time of order & also after purchase as an additional item.

Cement received through screw conveyor with can be attached to Manual cement weighing hopper or storage silo.


Horizontal silo can also be supplied with the machine. This silo is available in different capacities like 20 tons / 30 tons / 40 tons. It does not take up height like the traditional vertical silos that are tall.

Its design is in such a way that cement falls to the bottom of the silo very easily. Screw conveyor present at the bottom extracts the cement into one end of the silo where another screw conveyor will take the cement to desired height. All safety accessories can be provided with the storage silo.


Air compressor is provided to operate all pneumatic devices in the plant.

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