Available as Stationary and Mobile Plants.

STATIONARY VARIANTS: DM 45 (40-60 tph), DM 50 (60-90 tph), DM 60 (90-120 tph)

MOBILE VARIANTS: MDM 45 (40-60 tph), MDM 50 (60-90 tph), MDM 60 (90-120 tph)

Capacities above 120 tph are tailor made.

Drum Mix Plants are designed for those contractors who are looking for a reliable machine which can serve them for years to come.

Why to buy our Drum mix plant:

The drum mix plants that we manufacture have stood the test of the time. We are known for quality and reliability. Components are build to perform for long life. Some of the reasons to go for drum mixers are as below:

  • 1260 degree Celsius resistant cera wool coated drying and mixing drum (optional)
  • Half chain drive for less vibrations and trouble free operation
  • Burner compatible with diesel / LDO / FO
  • Drum flights are designed for homogeneous mixing
  • Bitumen tanks come fully sovered and stuffed with rock wool
  • Bitumen pipelines are with hot oil jacketing
  • Filler unit comes with compressor and vibrator
  • Storage silos are fully covered and insulated (optional)
  • PLC control panel (optional)
  • All drum mixers are factory tested before dispatch.

Major Components of Asphalt Drum Mix plants are as follows :

  1. Aggregate Feeding System
  2. Single Deck Vibrating Screen
  3. Charging Conveyor
  4. Drying & Mixing Drum
  5. Multi Fuel Burner
  6. Fuel tank for dryer burner
  7. Mineral Filler Unit
  8. Asphalt Storage tanks
  9. Load out conveyor
  10. Hot Mix storage Silo
  11. Pollution control system ( Primary)
  12. Pollution Control System ( Secondary)
  13. Control Cabin (for Control Panels)

The customer has option to go for microprocessor based or PLC based or PLC with SCADA type of panel.

Control panel is the main component which makes an operator comfortable with the equipment. Our control panel with user friendly software is ideal for the operator and comforts him for operating the machine smoothly.

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